Friday, August 26, 2011

Ring bowls

Before we even got engaged, I knew I wanted a ring bearer bowl instead of a pillow. Specifically, a ring bearer bowl from Paloma's Nest!
Once we actually got engaged, one of the first things I did was go to the website to order one. And then I saw the prices... $50 for a bowl? Could I really justify that with all the other expenses staring us in the face? Could I make this myself for less? So I did nothing, I had plenty of time.
And then, no joke, with a week I happened to be on (which I rarely do, we don't have kids!) - and they had $40 vouchers to Paloma's Nest for $20 - AND I had a $15 credit to zulily! Deciding it was most definitely fate (my $50 bowl would now be $13.50 shipped, when does that happen?!) - I went for it! And then, in true Christina fashion, I waited till the week it expired to order anything. To be fair, I was waffling on whether to pay the extra $10 to get the date put on, the luck we've had with our date made me decide that would jinx it since we haven't paid any deposits...
So, without any further rambling  - check out the adorable package!

And even cuter insides!

And yes, my ring looks awfully good there :)

I could not be happier!

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