Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wedding Venues

Wedding planning. Finally.

There's a couple Catholic churches in Sarasota, none of which we're particularly attached to - so we knew the driving force behind most every decision would be reception location.  Enter headache.

Siesta Key would be ideal - 2 miles from home, where we met, and added bonus? It was just voted best beach in the world. Why the headache? There are NO (read, zero, zilch, nada) reception locations on Siesta for more than 100 people. And even 100 is just one place. Most of them are restaurants that have a separate room for up to 70 or so. None are hotels. Realistically, we're going to end up with 100 people, but aren't comfortable enough with the hard cut-off of 100 - what if there's 105? 110? We tell those people to sit outside?

Our first choice was Siesta Dunes. $495 for the space, and they'd waive that if we got people to stay there. Seriously, how fun would this place be?
But, yeah... 100 people. Max. Next...

So we looked at The Boatyard Restaurant. Also a gorgeous view! They'd work with our budget, and would let us run a tab instead of paying per head. Nice.

Problem was they'd have a separate room for dining than for dancing. Which is kinda meh. And since they're a casual restaurant/bar - there's budweiser signs hanging from the banisters, and all sorts of beer paraphernalia all over that they wouldn't remove just for our day.

I was ready to give up, really. We contacted caterers for ideas. The Chamber of Commerce. Went to so many wedding shows and put posts on so many internet boards. There just wasn't anything available and I was about to start looking elsewhere...

Through some friends, we heard there was a private clubhouse a little south on Siesta that could hold up to 150 people. They don't DO weddings. It's just a few walls, on the beach. A couple phone calls and we go to check it out. I think maybe we're kinda in love with the space :)

The view:

From Sanderling

Looking back at the building:
From Sanderling

Towards the parking:
From Sanderling

This 'building' would hold the dance floor, cake, dj, bar, etc..
From Sanderling

Gorgeous water:
From Sanderling

From Sanderling

Upstairs (put the dj up here?)
From Sanderling

So we booked it! And then I went to another wedding show and found two caterers who've worked there before! (wtf why didn't you mention this when I was looking for spaces?!)

I cannot wait.

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